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  • Death of SEO

    The Death of SEO Claims [Infographic]

    It’s all too common that I’ll tell someone that I do SEO for a living and they will say “Oh yea SEO is dead though.” Well I’m sure you’ve heard that from someone, but have you actually seen it dead? What do you think are the factors that make a listing come up on the first page? Sure a lot of the stuff that used to work back in the day, don’t work anymore, but SEO is no where near dead although the definition of SEO might not be the same for you and me.

    The Death of SEO.

    SEO Graphic by SEO Book

  • Top 5 Things for Your Website

    Top 5 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs

    Top 5 Things Your Website Absolutely Needs

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    1. A Clear Call To Action

    Every website needs a good clear Call To Action. The reason to bring people to your website is the ability to convert into a sale. That sale may be adding them to your email subscription list, booking them an appointment in your office or buying one of your widgets. Either way, you need to make it clear on what you’d like them to do.

    2. Good Visual Design without clutter

    A Good Visual Design for your website without clutter is very essential. If a potential client is not amused in the first 3 seconds of your website, they are most likely lost for good. Don’t lose potential clients/customers due to poor website design.

    3. Good Navigational Menu Design

    A Clear Navigational Menu Design is crucial, because you want potential customers to be able to navigate through your website as easily as possible. Also the more pages the customer navigates through the better.

    4. Your Logo or Company Name

    Your Logo or Company Name in the header of your website is crucial due to the branding you need to do with your website. If someone randomly clicks on your website, but doesn’t remember which website they just clicked on then this is a problem.

    5. Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration is essential for your website due to getting your customers connected with your website socially. The ability to have them see your new content that you post to your facebook is essential, because it’s a great way to have return customers/viewers. Also having your social media integrated into your website has SEO benefits.

  • Steven J Jacobs QR code

    Are you using QR codes to your advantage?

    QR codes, ever heard of them? (QR stands for Quick Response) If not, these bar codes have been the rage this past year in businesses across the globe. These little bar codes have been placed on advertisement’s from different businesses in the past couple of years, but many companies seemed to struggle on grasping the idea of how can these QR codes benefit their business. After discovering Heil Brice’s website the other day, I saw one of the most creative uses for the QR code from Tesco Supermarkets.

    Although this QR code strategy may not work for everyone, there are advantages of adopting this technology for your business. First start by creating your own QR code at QR Code Generator. Then start thinking of ways QR codes can benefit you or your company. Start by placing your QR code on business cards, marketing materials, emails, etc… Just the other day I came up with the idea of placing QR codes on our Marketing Center Maps. These maps are given to patients a few days before surgery and they direct patients how to get to the center’s location. Instead of placing our website on the QR code, I copied the directions’ link from Google Maps. Once the user scans our QR code, their smartphone will automatically turn on the navigation app and direct them how to get to our locations, step by step.

    Overall, Get creative with QR codes and have fun while doing it.

  • Social Media Marketing Mistakes

    Social Media Marketing Mistakes by Steven Jacobs

    I received an email this morning from socialapps, a Social Media Specialist.  The email blast explained the downfalls of companies’ Social Media attempts and why they fail and then went on to promote their product. I read it and decided it was a great topic and wanted to put my twist on it.

    A lot of people get the misconception that Social Media can be automated and that they can add a “program” and it is done for them. This is the #1 Reason for companies to fail at Social Media.

    Mistake #1. Automated Social Media Campaigns

    There’s a company which I will not disclose, but they claim to be “Social Media Experts.” They are a review aggregator company who now has a Social Media plan. Their brilliant Social Media Plan is that they will give you a review aggregator app on a companies’ Facebook Page. They claim that this will make you have an awesome Social Media. Not to be too rough on you, but if this is currently your plan pay attention to my blog and I will help you understand Social Media takes time. It is not something that will happen over night. The main reason behind Social Media is to build a community between your business and your customers. It grows the connection your customers have to your company and will hopefully make them repeat customers.

    No Social Media campaign should ever be automated. Your plan needs close attention and thought put into each aspect of it. Another automated aspect I’ve seen from Social Media plans are when they add an RSS feed to their Facebook Wall. It is usually done by a company who wants traffic to their site, so they will encourage people to add their RSS feed to another companies Facebook Wall. This looks very fake and cheesy. Customers see right through this and will result in hurting your social media efforts more than it will do good.

    Mistake #2. Using your mouth more than your ears.

    You’ve heard the phrase, “You have two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you talk.” A lot of companies feel that Social Media is an aspect of Marketing. In some aspects it is, but it is more a Customer Service outlet than anything. If you constantly promote your product and not respond or engage with your customers, then people will feel that their voice isn’t being heard.

    Mistake #3. Over posting.

    I once was told by a “Social Media Expert” to post every 3 hours to your customers. It amused me to hear this, but I can not stress how awful of an idea this really is. At one point for one of my accounts we lost 100 fans because we had posted twice in a day. People want to see your brand on their newsfeed every once in awhile, but not every day. Do not Spam your customers’ facebook walls.