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  • 50 CRO Experts On Twitter

    50 Conversion Rate Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter

    When you’re looking for new information about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), where do you turn to? Many of you will turn to blogs, your own A/B testing, forum boards and Twitter.

    Yesterday I covered 9 Must Read Online Marketing Blogs for 2016. This post identified nine of my favorite blogs that I turn to for new information about SEO, Social Media, CRO, A/B Testing, Email Marketing and Ecommerce. A few of these blogs are Twitter handles I’ll often follow on Twitter for news about Conversion Rate Optimization.

    After taking a look at @RejoinerApp’s Twitter List of CRO experts to follow, I’ve compiled them and some others for you to follow. Here are 50 more Twitter handles you should be following to get your own dose of CRO magic.

    1. Lance Jones – @userhue
    2. Kelly Cutler – @kfcutler
    3. Justin Rondeau – @Jtrondeau
    4. Steven Jacobs – @StevenJacobs_
    5. Joana Wiebe – @copyhackers
    6. Michael Aagaard – @ContentVerve 
    7. Rick Perreault – @rickperreault
    8. Jeffrey Eisenberg – @JeffreyGroks
    9. Oli Gardner – @oligardner
    10. Tommy Walker – @tommyismyname
    11. Daniel Gonzalez – @HiDanielG
    12. David Kirkpatrick – @davidkonline
    13. Sandra Niehaus – @sandraniehaus
    14. Ashukairy – @ayat
    15. Tim Ash – @tim_ash
    16. Noran El-Shinnawy – @noranshinnawy
    17. Anne Holland – @AnneHolland55
    18. Tiffany Da Silva – @bellastone
    19. Peep Laja – @peeplaja
    20. Dan Siroker – @dsiroker
    21. Brooks Bell – @brooksbell
    22. Ryan Deiss – @ryandeiss
    23. Angie Schottmuller – @aschottmuller
    24. Andre Morys Web Arts – @morys
    25. Pete Koomen – @koomen
    26. Sean Ellis – @SeanEllis
    27. Neil Patel – @neilpatel
    28. KlientBoost – @klientboost
    29. Bryan Eisenberg – @TheGrok
    30. Anna Talerico – @annatalerico
    31. Rich Page – @richpage
    32. Scott Brinker – @chiefmartec
    33. Sherice Jacob – @sherice
    34. Khalid Saleh – @khalidh
    35. Chris Goward – @chrisgoward
    36. Carlos del Rio – @inflatemouse
    37. Linda Bustos – @edgacentlinda
    38. Craig Sullivan – @OptimiseOrDie
    39. Amy Africa – @amyafrica
    40. Brian Massey – @bmassey
    41. Hiten Shah – @hnshah
    42. Crazy Egg – @CrazyEgg
    43. Conversion Sciences – @ConversionSci
    44. Jason Quey – @jdquey
    45. Kaitlyn Nelson – @kaitlynelson
    46. Adam Hutchinson – @adamiswriting
    47. ConversionXL – @conversionXL
    48. SiteTuners – @sitetuners
    49. Conversion – @conversion_com
    50. Convert – @convert

    Were there any conversion experts I left out or even think of yourself as one? Let me know in the Facebook comments section below and let me know.

  • 9 Must Read Online Marketing Blogs

    9 Must Read Online Marketing Blogs for 2016

    When you’re looking for news in regards to online marketing or best practices, where do you tend to turn?

    Most business owners and employees are flooded with what we call ‘information overload.’ Because of this I thought it would be helpful to share 9 online marketing blogs that I read on a daily basis. If you are an over-achiever, in my Feedly account I currently subscribe to over 650 blogs. If you’d be interested in my daily reading list, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to supply that to you.

    With more than two million blog posts written every day, it can be hard to separate the blogs that are worth reading from the ones that aren’t. Here are my 9 favorite online marketing blogs below.

    #1. Klientboost

    Klientboost has quickly become one of my favorite blogs. For a Conversion Rate enthusiast like myself, Klientboost pushes the bar with their incredible case studies and A/B test results.

    To get a feel for Klientboost, I recommend reading ‘33 Retargeting Campaigns You’ve Never Heard of Before‘ to get acquainted with this blog.

    2. AdEspresso

    AdEspresso came onto to my radar after stumbling upon their Facebook Ads Gallery. This page displays a number of different companies and the impressive ads they have created. This page is not only vital to me because I can see what my competitors are doing, but also it helps my creative juices flowing when it comes to colors and sales content others are using on Facebook to capture their audience.

    To get a feel for AdEspresso, check out ‘The 5 Emails You Need To Nurture Your Leads.’

    3. Backlinko

    Back when it seemed SEO blogs were filled with “by-the-book” SEO techniques and strategies, Brian Dean introduced some incredible “how-to’s” for SEOs today. Backlinko now shares SEO case studies, SEO tools and much more.

    To get a feel for Backlinko, check out ‘SEO Tools: The Complete List (153 Free and Paid Tools).’

    4. Jon Loomer

    Jon Loomer
    Jon Loomer has quickly identified himself as one of the most advanced Facebook marketers in the industry today. Jon continues to push the bar with his podcasts, free ebooks and his exclusive membership community.

    To get a feel for JonLoomer, check out ‘Facebook Audience Optimization: Better Engagement and Insights for Pages.’

    5. Adpushup

    Ad Pushup
    AdPushup is a ‘growth blog for professional bloggers and ad ops professionals. AdPushup continues to post incredible articles about monetization for bloggers, lead generation tools, pay per click and much more.

    To get a feel for AdPushup, check out ‘12 Tools to Turn Your Blog Into a Lead Generation Magnet.’

    6. SearchEngineLand

    Search Engine Land
    Search Engine Land has been time over time one of my first blogs I turn to for news about Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Land now provides content on not only SEO, but SEM (Pay Per Click Advertising), Mobile, Local SEO, Retail, Social Media and more.

    To get a feel for SearchEngineLand, check out ‘10 Local Link Building Tips for 2016.’

    7. Social Media Examiner

    Social Media Examiner
    Social Media Examiner is another long time favorite blog of mine. Despite its cutesy character graphics, Social Media Examiner is no amateur blog. With over 400,000 fans on Facebook, Social Media Examiner has become a proven leader amongst other Social Media blogs in its space.

    To get a feel for Social Media Examiner, check out ‘Instagram Contests: Tools and Tips for Marketers.’

    8. QuickSprout

    Neil Patel is the co-founder of both Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and QuickSprout. After becoming one of the top influencers on the web, Neil Patel has been busy spending his time blogging on QuickSprout sharing some of his best online marketing discoveries.

    To get a feel for QuickSprout, check out ‘6 Steps to Create a Bare Bones and Profitable Social Media Plan.’

    9. A Better Lemonade Stand

    A Better Lemonade Stand
    A Better Lemonade Stand is one of the newer internet marketing blogs I’ve been following, but I only wished I had found the website sooner. A Better Lemonade Stand is the ‘online ecommerce incubator’ which shares tips of trending products and niches, instant product evaluator tools and top ecommerce resources.

    To get a feel for A Better Lemonade Stand, check out ‘11 Trending Products & Niches for 2016.’

  • 5 Great Books from 2015

    5 Great Books That Inspired Me Throughout 2015

    During the 2015 year and after many flights to San Francisco to visit my girlfriend, I had the opportunity to read many books on my Kindle than ever before. After reading recommended reading material from Product Hunt as well as a plethora of interviews with many top entrepreneurs, I had quite the library of books to read throughout the year. After reading more than 20 books in 2015, these were my favorites from the year:

    Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

    by Peter Thiel

    Zero To One



    The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (A Little) Craziness and (A Lot of) Success in America

    by John D. Gartner



    The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry

    by John Warrillow

    The Automatic Customer


    Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married

    by Gary D. Chapman

    Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married


    The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million

    by Mark Roberge

    The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology, and Inbound Selling to go from $0 to $100 Million


  • How Much Does SEO Cost?

    SEO Moz put together an infographic which shows the cost of SEO from over 600 SEO agencies across the world. It seems that most companies will charge between $76 to $200/hour. Share with us how much you charge or how much you’ve heard people charge.

    Cost of SEO

  • Top 15 Websites and Programs I Can't Live Without (Webmaster)

    Top 15 Websites and Programs I Can’t Live Without (Webmaster)

    1. Hosting


    I’ve tried many different hosting accounts and for a low-budget hosting company which can hold a multitude of websites and have a good uptime, I haven’t found one better than Bluehost. I’ve used Fatcow, iPage, Host Gator, GoDaddy and many others and have always had the best results with Bluehost.

    2. Analytics

    Google Analytics

    There are a few different options you can use for Analytics, but by far the easiest to use with good information and FREE is Google Analytics. No competition here on this one in my opinion.

    3. Webmaster Tools

    Google Webmaster Tools

    Google Webmaster Tools isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to Webmaster Tools, I actually prefer a lot of the functionality of Bing, but the fact that Google allows for Video and Image sitemaps to be submitted, I am biased towards Google.

    4. Information and Blog Post Ideas

    Google Reader

    Google Reader has saved my life. Before, during the day I used to go to about 25 different blogs and would constantly check to see if there were new blog posts. Here I just copy and paste the blog url into Google Reader and voila all new posts are instantly in my feed. I can star articles I want to go back to later and mark all articles I’ve read as ‘Read.’ Also a few weeks ago I noticed you can actually have your Google Alerts be set up to appear in your Google Reader account. This has helped increase my efficiency in blog posts and social media posts for my websites across the board.

    5. Keyword Rank Reporter


    This is a free program which you can download from It’s a great and easy to use tool in order to check your keyword rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. ALSO it’s FREE!

    6. Back Link Checker

    A Hrefs

    A Hrefs may be a tid bit on the pricier side of tools to pay for, but it is very worth it. A Hrefs gives you a day by day analysis of links you’ve gained, lost and so much more. I highly recommend this tool to all webmasters and SEOers.

    7. Content Management System


    Although many people would argue WordPress to be a CMS, I can say without doubt this is one of the best formats for your website to be on. The ability to edit any page on your website with just a few clicks is essential in my opinion.

    8. Domain Provider


    I’m not a fan of GoDaddy when it comes to their support on SOPA or many of their different social issues, but they are one of the best places in my opinion to buy a domain name. Plus I love all of the promo codes available for GoDaddy. Domain prices for me usually range from $0.99 to $7.

    9. Domain Availability?

    WHO IS actually re-did their website recently, but one thing I love about whois is the dependability of it. It’s always given me great fast results on whether that domain is available for purchase and if not the contact information on who to contact for it.

    10. If my website is up and running

    Since you may never know if your website isn’t working just for you or if it’s not working for others, this is a great online tool. let me know that wasn’t working for the entire world and that it wasn’t just my computer being slow.

    11. Website Monitoring

     Uptime Robot

    I’ve added this free tool for all of my websites and am alerted minutes after any one of my websites has gone down and exactly when it goes back up. It also sends email notifications letting you know how long it was down for.

    12. Keyword Analysis

    Google Adword Tools

    For Keyword Research, even with all of the fancy tools out there, I still prefer Google Adword Tools. It gets the job done and gives me accurate results of if that keyword is even worth trying to rank for.

    13. Page Rank Checker

    Bulk Page Rank Checker

    I love Bulk Page Rank Checker because if I am in the market for a high page rank domain I put about 500 URLs in the field and it gives me a very quick and free answer as to what Page Rank that certain domain has.

    14. Hosting Information


    When I’m in need of transferring one of my clients websites over or whether I need to access the control panel of a certain website, it’s nice being able to have a tool which can tell me which host is currently hosting their website.

    15. SEO Chrome Plugin

    SEO Site Tools

    SEO Site Tools is in my opinion a better plugin than SEO Quake is for quick checking the SEO on a current website. I’m instantly told the following for any web page:

    • Page Rank
    • Pages Indexed
    • Last Cached
    • Meta Robots
    • Meta Description
    • Title
    • H1, H2, H3, etc…
    • Social Media Reactions
    • and Page Suggestions (Too Many Links, Contact Information, etc…)


    Let me know in the comments if you agree with my choices or if you have any recommendations.